"We drink the vomit of the priests on our color TVsss. We make love with the dying whore thorugh Commodore 64. We suck the blood of the beast pushing the floppy in the disk. And hold the key to death's door with our keybooooooard. 8 bit is violence in the street few pixels and 16 colors on screen devoted to chip metal we found our subbacultcha. Listening to prayers on walkmans. We kill aliens and zombies. Grim and frostbitten. We are legion. KVLT KVLT. Typing the inverted cross button. We praise the blaspemous amiga. hiding Satan in its Cpu. we is dj Balli, Pira 666, Micropupazzo and Mat 64. TIME FOR EXTREME 8 BIT TERROR HAS COME! devoted to chip metal devoted to chip metal devoted to chip metal AD INFINITUM." (label info)
in stock | IT| 2011| SONIC BELLIGERANZA | 10.90

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