"Haswellediger presents FLESH RECORDS, a CD/Audio Exhibition with fifteen tracks from a new generation of artists excited by the intimacy of sound and its possibilities as a plastic art. The works, many of which were composed specifically for this project, range in shape and tone from Romantic to Pop to Cinematic and Sculptural/Body based. What they have in common is perhaps the idea that sound-art, with its lack of visual stimuli, connects us to an earlier time, both personally and collectively, when the body intuitively acted as artist, muse and medium. ARTISTS: RITA ACKERMANN (Diadal, Angelblood, etc..), RICHARD ALDRICH (Hurray), MIKE BOUCHET, BOZIDAR BRAZDA, OLAF BREUNING, C.R.E.E.,P, PIA DEHNE & MARK O, SARA GLAXIA, K8 HARDY, JOHANNES ATLI HINRIKSSON, MARIE-EVE JETZER, PAUL-AYMAR MOURGUE DALGUE, ANNA PARKINA, AIDA RUILOVA & NANCY GARCIA (Monotract) & TANER TUMKAYA." (label info)
in stock | US| 2006| HASWELLEDIGER & CO. | 9.90

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