"'Free London' is a split double LP of 4 bands/musicians currently working in London's growing improvised folk music scene - weird Britannica maybe... Ft. WOODEN SPOON (influenced by the Takoma school of guitar players, Popol Vuh & folk music from around the world), ROB MULLENDER (with some solo acoustic pieces that owe much to heroes of the English guitar in Jansch, Renbourn and others), EIDETIC BAND (working throughout the different musical diagrams, those both fictional and unreal - the names of folk, noise, drone, jazz etc - traditions which inform ways of feeling and playing and showing with sounds) and THE LADYSWOODSMAN (a London based due of Luke Garwood (a.k.a Duke Garwood) and Paul May, using a variety of different instruments from guitars, clarinets to all kinds of percussion in the creation of improvisations that ignites the imagination). limited hand numbered edition of 550." (label info)
in stock | UK| 2006| BO' WEAVIL | 19.90

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