"The third vinyl-only release on Form & Terra Records is all about "Get together". Four artists gather on the 12 inch record to undertake a journey into electronic music together. First, Peter F. Spiess saddles his shimmering "Celluloid Pony" minimally and technoidally and rides high into the air via rough sound structures and flashing melodies. There Cie built his "Wolkenburg" and floats with it groovy and with great attention to detail into new layers of the atmosphere. On the B side, "Numbers Talk" by Prakash from Gran Canaria enchants with a great groove that is as deep blue and deep as its home in the Atlantic Ocean. Markus Funke ushers in the final trip back to Cologne with his dub-technoid monster "Levissima". Four wonderful tracks for all discoverer who like to have a thirst for adventure on the dance floor." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | DE| 2020| FORM & TERRA | 9.50

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