"The compilation "Get Together" enters a new round and gathers four artists to take a journey into electronic music together again. Maxie König opens the gathering with warm basses and sparkling chords in her track "TenTen". The unmistakable groove immediately carries us away and drives us straight onto the dance floor, where the no less deep track "Dezest" by Dip resounds through the speakers. Here we float on the smooth strings of the recurring sound waves, which one can hardly resist. Ana Antonova takes up this beautiful flow in her fascinating track "Naked Neighbour" and adds jazzy melodic elements that are interwoven with original sounds to create a fabulous, versatile sound story. Finally, Cie picks up the bass and groove again and reflects the wonderful atmosphere of this gathering with the harmonic strings in "Haus Im Turm", making you want to put this record on "again" and "again"." (label info) The record includes an numbered inlay, designed by Daniel Bandholtz. This special edition of the record is limited to 50.
in stock | DE| 2023| FORM & TERRA | 9.50

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