V.A. - GO-TO-CAT-MAN-DO (CD - USED m-/m-)

"Go-To-Cat-Man-Do collects work from an international array of similarly aligned artists, ranging from the barest of the bare (Francisco Lopez's unsurprising "Untitled #165") to the tastefully adorned (Vion & Mem's grinding "Kontra"). The more elegant pieces are those that leave their sample material somewhat unviolated: "Untitled" (a popular title on this compilation) by Stworywodne.Jaszczury uses the truncated chants of schoolchildren to create a rhythmic canvas for the interplay of sparkling metallic percussion and looped violin samples, whereas Patryk Zakrocki uses dulcimer strings in the web-like construction of his "Nepal" meditation. A dark document of a lost child, One Inch of Shadow's "Piesn 9" features a young voice gasping for recognition amid accreting layers of obfuscating drone. The starting point of that compilation was an assemblage of traditional Nepal songs. Artists have made their own interpretations of the original tracks, so that we are given a collage linking East and West, Tradition and Modernity, Folklore and Avantgarde." (label info) Plus Wolfram, V/VM, Alexei Borisov and many more.
in stock | PL| 2005| m-/m-| MONOTYPE RECORDS | 5.00

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