"The by now legendary compilation LP 'Gothenburg 84' was released by Radium 226.05 in 1984. The LP is an excellent document of an unusually creative period in the musical history of Gothenburg, featuring the upcoming talent of that time. It has an impressive roster of artists, such as CM von Hausswolff, Freddie Wadling, Zbigniew Karkowski and Jean-Louis Huhta. Now, in 2008, Gothenburg's eletronic and experimental scene is again soaring with talent. It's a scene of pioneers creating exploratory, unique music - completely new, but still connected to the spirit from almost 25 years ago. It is another unique era, and it is time to document it. This is what 'Gothenburg 08' sets out to do. 'Gothenburg 08' includes never before heard tracks by The Skull Defekts, Porn Sword Tobacco, Anders Dahl, Jasper TX, Dead Letters Spell Dead Words, Joel Brindefalk, Viktor Sjöberg & Jonas Lindgren, Tsukimono and Sewer Election." (label info)
in stock | SE| 2008| FANG BOMB | 12.90

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