V.A. - HEXENSCHUSS (LP - USED vg++/vg++)

Second artists' record with recordings made at the art-institut Städelschule in Frankfurt/Main, this time during workshops by J.G. Thirlwell and CM von Hausswolff. Side A contains tracks by Bernhard Schreiner, Martin Holzschuh, Paul Wiersbinski, Dani Gal / Bernhard Schreiner, Miriam Glinka, Dani Gal and Matthias Scholten. Side B is a collaboration by Miriam Glinka, Matthias Scholten, Paul Wiersbinski, Bernhard Schreiner, Dani Gal, Martin Holzschuh, J.G. Thirlwell & CM von Hausswolff.
in stock | DE| 2005| vg++/vg++| STADL | 8.00

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