"Mille Plateaux are proud to present their new label, Force Intel. Why another sub-label? Well, Force Intel is not a sub-label, it's rather a sister of Mille Plateaux. They discovered that there's a lot of great music out there that is simply not experimental enough for Mille Plateaux. Force Intel will take care of this sound that is usually called "IDM." Intelligent Ambient Music 01 is a fine example that there is more to ambient music than 10+ minute drone atmospheres: the 15 tracks are surprisingly melodic, surprisingly rhythmic, often surprisingly short and most of all: surprisingly multi-variant. The sounds cover old school FSOL '90s style, analog synths and small-sounding tracks. Only the wall-of-sound-ambient-dub style comes without any rhythmical elements (ie. is near-drone style). Most tracks each have their own character that is too untypically ambient to be categorized. Including Plaster, Sabi, D-Fried, Pleq, Loom, Moornyc, Phluidbox, Ametsub, Antendex, Acheloo, a.farOne, Khalija, Marow, Dead J, Soutien Gorge, Nicolaus and Wyatt Keusch." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2011| FORCE INTEL | 14.52

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