"the idea was to ask some of our favourite sound artists to take part in a compilation... and, to our surprise, they accepted. The only concept was that they had to provide a specific / particular / idiosyncratic piece. qualified as a "drone paradise" by lasse marhaug (of jazkamer), the result is a fine and coherent whole, full of extended textures, contrasted acoustic surfaces, subtle and strong. Idioscapes contains 70 minutes of authentic acoustic researches, with glitches, loops, noises, deep and glittering textures, subliminal frequences and narrative inserts, punctured with sensible musical moments. idiosyncratics is honoured to present these sound masters on idioscapes." (label info) Feat. Janek Schaefer, Keith Fullerton Whitman, KK Null, Charlemagne Palestine, Steffen Basho-Junghans, Troum, Daniel Menche and many more.
in stock | BE| 2007| IDIOSYNCRATICS RECORDS | 10.90

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