"Wevie de Crepon (Wevie Stonder / SKAM), Vert, Oval, Microstoria, F.X. Randomiz, A&E, Aelters, Scratch Pet Land, Dü, Mouse On Mars, So, Workshop, C-Schulz, Hajsch & Noise, Fan Club Orchestra, all tracks exclusive plus vinyl only bonus track: F.X.Randomiz & Joseph Suchy. Following the release of "comp" in 1999 and after months of meticulous labour, sonig has put together a new compilation of work by artists on its roster. ".ilation" brings together twenty-two musicians from five countries with eighteen tracks covering the whole gamut from the avant-garde to out-and-out pop hits. Despite the broad spectrum of projects represented here, it's still all about carefully worked-out music, about the joy of experimentation and of listening, about the communication of complex musical ideas. For a total of seventy-two minutes the musical vista branches out and diversifies, yet retaining the listener's attention throughout. A bit like tuning in to a radio programme and finding you want to make a note of every single song played." (labelinfo)
in stock | DE| 2003| SONIG | 9.90

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