"The Twentieth Century brought with it an unparalleled use of artificial sound in the form of George Squier's Muzak - a creation designed to enhance (and perhaps determine) amongst other things our 'urban/social/shopping' experience. For decades, no mall or place of substantial commerce was complete without the dulcet tones of Muzak. To many it would seem that there is a world of difference between the bleating high frequency sounds of an Indian marketplace and multiple channels of mid-tempo instrumental music filling our shopping malls; however the ability for sound to draw and focus our attention is universal and well documented. THIS CD EDITION DOCUMENTS INCIDENTAL AMPLIFICATIONS, A SPATIAL SOUND INSTALLATION INSTALLED IN A VARIETY OF URBAN SHOPPING AREAS AND MALLS ACROSS BRISBANE IN JULY AND AUGUST 2005." (label info) Feat. Chris Watson, Domenico Sciajno, Terre Thaemlitz, Brandon Labelle, M.Rösner and many more.
in stock | AU| 2006| ROOM40 | 13.55

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