"Calika's "Latticel Work" is a skewed pop song that has cloaked itself in a haze of machine noise and radio static, hiding the casual drum kit and winsome acoustic guitar beneath a field of staggering static pulses and arrhythmic metallic elements. Opener Autistici's "Nurture Nature" burrs a field recording of birds and crickets with the slow cascade of siren tones and buzzing curves of processed noise, a broken soundtrack to an artificial world. There is stuttering glitch pop in Marion's "Unpeopled," clattering burps of sound against a laconic melody, while Cedar A.V.'s "Song for a Republic" slathers radio hiss over a slow acoustic melody, a folksy banana republic commentary that picks up a gamboling lattice work of glitch and micro-elements. Containing eighteen tracks in all, Intricate Maximals compresses several dozen hours worth of musical motifs and ideas into eighty minutes of electronic expression." (Igloo) New price!
in stock | UK| 2007| AUDIOBULB | 10.90

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