1.John Cage - 0'00" (Approx 18 mins) Performer: John Cage 2.Michael von Biel - Composition II For 2 Pianos (Approx 6 mins) Performer: Toshi Ichiyanagi (pf) + David Tudor (pf) 3.Toshi Ichiyanagi - Piano Music #7 (Approx 17 mins) Performer: Toshi Ichiyanagi (pf) + David Tudor (pf). "The final CD of the series features Cage's 0'00" (1962), also referred to as 4'33" No.2, performed by the composer, with daily activities such as writing and drinking coffee amplified by contact microphones into sonic abstraction, following the score's directions: "with maximum amplification (no feedback), perform a disciplined action". Next is Composition II for 2 Pianos (1960/61) by Michael von Biel, lovely and sparse, performed by Tudor and Ichiyanagi. The disc closes with Ichiyanagi's Piano Music #7 (1961), performed also by Tudor and Ichiyanagi, beds of silence disrupted by pianistic stabs, music box madness, traffic recordings, percussive thumps, tape manipulations and more." (label info) containing rare photos plus Japanese and English liner notes. co-released with Omega Point
soon in stock - please pre-order | JP| 2012| EM RECORDS | 19.90

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