Compiled and edited with precision by Melange's longest running artist and founder RYO.CO. A variety of artists bring their own take on modern experimental electronic music to form this compilation, pursueing a strangely unifying theme. From the opening shrills & chirps of JET PAQUE to the playful cut'n'pastes of MASSACUSI, TAL and L?K?O, the rolling pace of an epic tribute from O LAMM, evocative melodies of MIU, a true WOBBLY workout and GOEM ending the compil with refined and intense pure experiments. Enhanced CDrom part features digital vdo-art contributions from ANT, ALEX PEVERETT (Skam), RYOKO KUWAJIMA (Alienation), JAMES BROUWER (Alienation), RICHARD HARRISON (Fakey) and AMATEUR (Melange), to be viewed on Mac as well as PC. - stock clearence
in stock | UK| 2003| MELANGE | 3.00

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