"D.I.Y. and (very) indie post-punk from South Wales and the Z-Block scene: '77-81 Messthetics' most obscure collection to date. By the end of 1977, years of music industry neglect (and the abrupt departure for London of the few feckless punks who'd landed record-deals) had left South Wales' fertile ground for D.I.Y. Here's just the tip of that iceberg -- 23 songs on the CD, plus six bonus MP3 tracks. 24-page booklet, lovingly documented with histories & photos galore, PLUS a 'reunion' appearance of the legendary Great Pop Things rock history comic. Messthetics #104 features (extreme) rarities by Reptile Ranch, Tax Exiles, Immortal Invisibles, Flying Brix, Decadent Few, Ralph & The Ponytails, Czechs, Current Obsessions, What To Wear, Spitfire Boys, Discount Chiefs, Puritan Guitars, Janet & Johns, Crash Action Winners, Addiction, Boywonders, and Hugh Volk. Unreleased recordings by Reptile Ranch [live], the Sane [ex-Dec. Few & Reptile Ranch], Table Table [ex-everyone, including YMG], John Marlon [pre-4AD, ex-Tax Exiles], The Filmstars, and the 12- and 13-year-old splendor of the Autonomes. Plus previously unpublished Moors Murderers tales and Great Pop Things featuring 'Chuck Death' (Jon Langford)." (label info)
in stock | UK| 2007| HYPED TO DEATH | 14.90

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