"Following on from the acclaimed Modern Jazz Dance Classics Volume One compilation, we here at MJDC are pleased to announce the arrival of Volume Two. Again selected by our very own Jeff The Fish, here is another collection of contemporary club jazz which will please jazz DJs everywhere. The collection is eclectic and includes artists from the world over, from the Netherlands (Marutyri), France (Electrophazz and Pj5), the UK (Wild Card), Catalonia (Carxofa), Japan (Fox Capture Plan and Yusuke Shima), the US (Niki Haris, Brian Charette, Mario Cruz and Nicole Banks), Germany (Markpaulnorton), Finland (Nina May) and Azerbaijan (Shahin Novrasli). A bit about how these MJDC compilations came about: For some time now on the continual hunt for new DJ material to play in the jazz scene, Jeff The Fish has been coming across great tracks by current artists that are often only available on digital or CD format, and we aim to compile and press this music onto vinyl so that DJs can play them in jazz sessions. Following a discussion between DJ Jeff The Fish and Markus Detmer at the Staubgold record label in Germany, Staubgold created the new sub label MJDC to do this. And here we are, the second volume of contemporary club jazz which we hope will inject new music into the jazz dance scene. If you are a DJ, we hope you will find some of these tracks indispensable in your set, and if you are a collector, we hope you will find this a great listen and addition to your collection." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2020| STAUBGOLD | 21.90

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