"For many years now there is a strong connection between the three members of Kapotte Muziek - Frans de Waard, Roel Meelkop & Peter Duimelinks - and Rotterdam based visual artist Ben Schot. The first time they worked together was when Schot asked Kapotte Muziek to perform at a festival about Detroit/MC5/etc festival in 1998 (released on 'Praag/Rotterdam' CD by Kapotte Muziek) and since then there have been various collaborations and constellations. This CD, while technically a compilation, collects four of these pieces. As Wieman De Waard and Meelkop provided the musical backing for a performance by Schot as an introduction for a screening of Jodorowski's film 'El Topo', which takes the musical score into the land of plunderphonics, noise, improv and techno (2010-2012). Kapotte Muziek performed a rare laptop concert wehn Ben Schot received the Pendrecht Cultuur Prize in 2003. The Whi was a quartet of Meelkop, De Waard, Ben Schot and his daughter Puck Schot playing the game 'Rockband Wii', on real amplifiers and computer distortion, much the hilarious reaction of the audience - as can be heard here. With DMDN (Jacques van Bussel), Duimelinks, De Waard and Meelkop played a final concert (?) as Death Pact in 1999, probably the loudest concerts they ever performed as part of a programme called 'Withdrawel'." (label info)
in stock | NL| 2012| KORM PLASTICS | 9.90

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