"With their ascension night at the Berlin Volksbühne, Monika Enterprise presented five impressive concerts of those five bands and projects that are the core of the Berlin label's catalogue. After years of work and countless concerts of each individual band this night together was the time to lift their music up onto a higher level. Especially for this evening Javier Benitez, Niklas Goldbach and the video-group Transforma produced videos, that -- hugely projected onto the back of the stage -- gave each concert its own atmosphere. Now you are invited to celebrate once more with Monika, and from now on every day of the year... Komëit: reinventing their musical space. So clear and hypnotising that perspectives bend and stucco appears at the ceiling. With video footage of curious ufo sightings... Masha Qrella: Snotty, introverted and pleasantly open at the same time she presents her extremely personal songs, while giant air planes are revolving above her head... Cobra Killer: as special guest they expand the stage onto the irritated audience with their legendary red wine orgie. killer, as simple as that... Contriva: drifting off without ever actually doing so, the band inserts itself into images just before regaining front stage with their music... Barbara Morgenstern: amidst the firmament and planetary movements she invites us with her disarming nature to a heaven bound musical journey..."
in stock | DE| 2004| m-/vg++| MONIKA | 10.00

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