V.A. - MU EP (12" - USED m-/vg++)

"'Pitch black techno war funk' or 'Industrial mechanics'... the maximum strength industrial funky techno from Ancient Methods. 'Confused Voltage' kills the audience with AM first shot at 00m00s and brings out the militant techno with monotone rhythm chords capable of dismantling buildings. Baeks and Trias batter the senses through decaying electro and industrialised beats with the recording process. Savagely modern... Real electronic body music. The Steven Porter has conducted by Katsunori Sawa and Yuji Kondo, whose recent works were on Semantica Records. 'Deed' unfurls with the magnificence - growling compressed gear, uniquely ambiguous. Essential. Heavy. Classical. French sound-poet Anne-James Chaton is back with another killer track after his previously collaborative release with Alva Noto 'Unitxt' on Raster-Noton. His approach is novel. We listen to Anne-James Chaton while gaze into his mouth... Stunning. 'Evenement27' has released on Raster-Noton in March 2011. But MU EP version by Naweed "DIRTY" Ahmed. Supreme industrial techno heaviness by Sawlin from the enigmatic label Vault Series. Hitherto unknown... a shady character not quite ready to unmask himself. Throbbing kick-bass, teasing chords, efficient driven percussion instruments, experimental edged traps spring up over the very thick beat while shaving red-zone in peak. A welting basement killer for the dance floor. Play loud. Load up..." (label info) Limited to 200 copies
in stock | JP| 2011| m-/vg++| 10 LABEL | 9.50

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