"From July to December 1959, Paul Bowles crisscrossed Morocco making recordings of traditional music under the auspices of the Library of Congress. Traveling an estimated 25,000 miles around Morocco, Bowles captured vocal and instrumental (including dance) music of various tribes and other indigenous populations at 23 locations throughout the country. In 1972, the Library of Congress issued a 2-record LP set, "Music of Morocco," containing selections from the collection. In 2016, Dust-to-Digital will release the recordings included on the 1972 double-LP, as well as much never-before-heard music from this rich collection. Although the trip occupied less than six months in a long and busy career, it was the culmination of Bowles's longstanding interest in North African music. The resulting collection remained a musical touchstone for the rest of his life and an important part of his mythology. Introduction by Lee Ranaldo. Field Notes by Paul Bowles. Annotations by Philip Schuyler." (label info) 4CD set in silkscreened box with 120 pp., leatherette bookl and download code. highly recommended
soon in stock - please pre-order | US| 2016| DUST TO DIGITAL | 59.00

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