one copy back in stock at special price - box is still sealed & unopened, box is little aged from outside. W/ NIHILIST SPASM BAND, THURSTON MOORE, ALAN LICHT, JOJO HIROSHIGE & JUNKO, KNURL AKA ALAN BLOOR, HAL RAMMEL / JOHN CORBETT & TERRI KAPSALIS. "In March 27 & 28, Forest City Gallery and the Nihilist Spasm Band presented the No Music Festival in London, Ontario. Each night proceeded in two stages. First, conventional performances were given in turn by each of the remarkable noise/improvising musicians and groups who assembled in London to honor the NSB. These concerts were held in Aeolian Hall, an acoustic jewel from the beginning of the century. Afterwards, all participants moved to the gallery's raw performing space, where they broke into one-time configurations for a series of Interplay sessions, augmented by several more friends of the NSB. The No Music Festival was recorded in its entirety. On the 6 CDs within you will find something delectable, important and most unexpected for the end of the century - new music - really new music! Box also contains booklet of photos and notes, plus a NSB pin, and a set of earplugs. Limited, numbered edition of 500." (labelinfo)
in stock | CAN| 1998| EK-RECORDS | 59.00

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