"There is hardly another city where the local musical activities are so thoroughly documented as they are in Cologne. In the home of the Rhein and the Cathedral, they are proud of the "Sound of Cologne", which usually refers to electronica or minimal techno. Of course "Noise of Cologne" (NoC) refers to that Cologne sampler. But NoC is not proclaiming the identity of some scene; rather it is highlighting a musical creativity that has so far been drowned out by the club sound. NoC is much more designed to show the variety of experimental - often noisy, music from Cologne. There's a special enjoyment to be had from the eye-opening liner notes by Joachim Ody, which will allow you to discover new composers or understand composition techniques. It is a credit to the Cologne composers Herbert Eimert and Karlheinz Stockhausen that electronic music has become such a significant part of the pallet of modern composition." (label info) Feat. Lehn/Schmickler, Pirx, Peter Behrendsen, C-Schulz & F.X.Randomiz, Siegfried Koepf, hans w. koch, Frank Barknecht, Joker Nies, Harald Muenz and many more. Fine 17 track compilation, compiled by Frank Dommert (a-musik, Sonig), nice 32pp. booklet with photographs by Frank Dommert and extensive liner notes by Joachim Ody (english/german). back in stock
in stock | DE| 2010| MARK E.V. | 9.90

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