"Some guitar players immerse themselves in their instrument's rich and varied traditions, while others exploit innovations of technique and technology to find new expressive possibilities. But regardless of whether they celebrate or subvert its iconic status, they're gilding an aura that makes it ripe for use and abuse as a Duchampian found object. The five guitarists on Offstrings come to the instrument from both sides of the altar. While they can play like virtuosos, recontextualize familiar sounds, or come up with new ones, they know that these are means, not ends. They wield all of the sound-producing and conceptual qualities inherent in the Guitar to play the chords of human experience. They offer you a chance to listen. Various artists featuring new work from Chicago musicians: David Daniell (San Agustin, Rhys Chatham, Daniel McComb Duo), Mark Shippy (Shorty, US Maple), Travis Bird (Leavitt Ours, Dense Reduction) & Daniel Burke (Illusion of Safety, Cheer-Accident, Tertium Quid), Michael Vallera (Sinkane). 180 gram white vinyl with unused download coupon." (label info)
in stock | US| 2010| m-/m-| COMPLACENCY | 15.00

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