"Remixes by Liam Gillick, Albrecht Kunze, Michaele Melián, Alva Noto, Markus Schneider, Shantel, Nobukazu Takemura. For Roehr's original work, see the Suppose label. "Peter Roehr's crafted work with a categorical reduction of form, was developed in the 60's: a time of revolt, of divergence, and of pop. He critically observed industrial production and its effects, so it isn't surprising that serialization, in its strictest form, became Roehrs' artistic process. Even less so is, from the result of his far-from-sober 'examinations', yet a poetic popping emerges. This ambivalence is marvellously encapsulated in his purely tonal cuts -- his 'Film Assemblies' --, which were the earliest loops. Consequently this makes them particularly suitable to be deconstructed and remixed again today." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2004| WHATNESS | 13.90

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