2017 reissue "Down in the mouth and wound up after your daily commute? No more! On your next trip by shuttle or train be sure to bring with you this seasons 'must have' record for travel. These carefully selected pieces will calm the mind and soothe the spirit making your journeys as pleasurable as can be. Orbital Planes & Passenger Trains - the only travel companion you need. Not going anywhere? No problem, let the music guide your imagination instead - with Orbital Planes & Passenger Trains, leaving the relative safety of your home is optional. On volume one of this new series, Serein presents the work of some of the finest musical tour guides in the known universe. You may be familiar with some of these names - many have sailed with us before, while others are notable for their esteemed work with other agents. Remember, there's no such thing as economy class when travelling with Orbital Planes & Passenger Trains." (label info) brilliant ambient compilation, with Otto A. Totland, Brambles, Ametsub, Hidden Rivers, Dan Abrams, Imprints, Benoit Pioulard, Strie, Colorlist, The Balustrade Ensemble, Donato Wharton, Yui Onodera & Chihei Hatakeyama, Segue, The Inventors of Aircraft, Olan Mill feat. Isnaj Dui
in stock | UK| 2017| SEREIN | 13.90

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