"platte" consists of: the image: 10 artists of various disciplines have been asked, to work on one or more records. the results will be shown in an exhibition at the frankfurt bookfair this october then go to berlin, hamburg, vienna, geneva, munich and zürich./ the book: the same artists contribute one of their pieces of art to the book. "platte" has the shape of an record album, which holds cardboards in record-format, silkscreened from hand in three colors./ the sound: 5 musicians were asked, to create contributions out of old records, that will appear on one side of the vinyl record of "platte". the other side will come with aspecially created silkscreen image.. bild: oliver grajewski, markus huber, cx huth, batia kolton, jan kruse, léo, gerda raidt, billy roisz, sabine timm, jim avignon / ton: dieb13, erik m., i-sound, martin ng, otomo yoshihide
in stock | AT| 2003| CHARHIZMA | 38.00

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