"Kulturnetz Frankfurt e.V. presents: International SoundArtFestival, Gallus-Theater, Frankfurt am Main 2009. A film by Bernhard Bauser. Feat. Joerg Piringer (A), Ansuman Biswas (GB), Dirk Huelstrunk (G), Sianed Jones (GB), Nye Parry (GB), Jaap Blonk (NL). The festival "Playing with Words - Live" presents six internationally renowned artists who put voice and spoken word into the center of their performance. Listen to sound poetry, Celtic world music, electronically processed voices, or hear about the fascinating Indian rhythm language "Konnakol". All artists create interdisciplinary work between poetry, music, dance, visual arts and science. They also use their diverse cultural backgrounds to connect ancient traditions with the newest technical innovations, or to mix Eastern and Western philosophical concepts." (label info) Total playing time 100'03".
in stock | DE| 2010| GRUENREKORDER | 15.90

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