now at lower price! "Limited, numbered edition of 1000 copies, housed in an embossed red velvet box. This boxset reissues 4 original 7"s as first issued by Philips in the late '50s/early '60s, with exact repros of the original picture sleeves, liner notes and labels. This music was previously compiled on the 4CD compilation box set Popular Electronics: Early Dutch Electronic Music From Philips Research Laboratories (1956-1963), as released on Basta in 2004. Historical, long desired early electronic music from legendary Dutch composers. Included here are: H. Badings, Electronic Ballet Music: Cain and Abel (1956); Kid Baltan, Electronic Popular Music (1957); Tom Dissevelt, Electronic Movements (1958); Tom Dissevelt/Kid Baltan, Electronic Music (1961). Expensive, but excessively deluxe and very costly to manufacture; a one-of-a-kind artifact that you will have a hard time believing really exists!" (label info)
in stock | NL| 2008| BASTA | 39.90

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