"In 2010 Brunhild Ferrari decided to make public some of Luc Ferrari's original sound archives by offering a selected collection of recordings to other composers who may wish to use the material for the creation of original musical works.Her desire was to open this sonic treasure to other artists without wanting to impose any aesthetic direction on them, and with the only purpose of encouraging new artistic inventiveness. This edition presents the "Presque Rien Prize" winners and other selected works of the first three biennial contests, the most recent contest having taken place in December 2015. Each of the competitions has been concluded by a concert including the winning and other selected works of the competition. While 109 new works were submitted to the three initial editions, we are delighted to keep receiving many other works from over the world for the forthcoming competition in 2017." (label info) CD1, 2011 edition: John Palmer (winner), Elsa Justel (mention), Daniel Blinkhorn (mention), DinaBird & Ronoult. CD2, 2013 edition: Brian Jacobs (winner), Ayako Sato (mention), James Adean (mention), Masashi Isai, Andrea Belfi, Donia Jourabchi, Takuma Kuragaki. CD3, 2015 edition: Hideki Umezawa (winner), Lisandro Barbato (mention), Johannes S. Sistermanns (mention), Manfredi Clementi, Manuella Blackburn, Laurence Bouckaert, Dimitrios Maronidis, Yingzi Li. The slipcase edition includes three CDs in individual digipak sleeves as well as a 68-page booklet in English, French and Japanese with liner notes written by the composers, their biographies, title tracks, photos and an introduction by Brunhild Ferrari.
in stock | IT| 2017| ALGA MARGHEN | 38.90

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