"All source sounds on this compilation are taken from Sindre Bjergas bottom-heavy drone-opus "New sounds for burglar alarms" disc. Cut-up electro-bashing, thrashy noise, artsy drones and flat-out doom, a great album, actually, and it all goes surprisingly well together... Features Robert Horton, Staplerfahrer, Crazy River, Qrt, Anders Gjerde, Sten Ove Toft (of Ryfylke), Pål Asle Pettersen, Jan-M. Iversen, Charles Balls (of canadian duo Gastric Female Reflex) and A. Jarvis/M. Jarvis (of Firstperson fame). Comes in ejector-case. 40 copies." (label info)
in stock | NO| 2006| GOLD SOUNDZ | 10.90

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