V.A. - RKK13CD (CD - USED m-/m-)

"The pivotal Reckankreuzungsklankewerkzeuge release, three years in the making, the albatross around our necks for so so long, finally available to the public. Collaborations and remixes with/by some of our favorite people involving tracks and sounds found on the first RKK LP, Attention: Cats. Soft and hardware solutions from Fennesz, Pita, Farmer's Manual, Jim O'Rourke, Kim Cascone, Pimmon, Wheel, Cartesian Faith, and Blitter. Analog and digital noise terror from Thurston Moore, Airlock, Antenna Farm, MUTA, and V/VM. Beats broken and intact from Kid606, EOSS, (Jay)Rope, Cathars, Bauri, N_A, Drusca, Config.sys, Lord, and /Rupture. Dirty hip hop and serene IDM from Push Button Objects, Chessie, Cex, Adrien75, Electric Birds, Solvent, and ESP. Musique concrete from Alejandra & Underwood, Suetsu, and Sister Sunshine & DJ Planar 78. All 35 tracks were completed specifically for this release. Far too incoherent to be a mere compilation. Your guide to the post-desktop universe. Ace." (label info)
in stock | US| 2001| m-/m-| RECKANKREUZUNGS | 5.00

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