V.A. - SAMPLE MINDS (2CD - USED m-/vg+)

both plastic trays a broken and hardly hold the CDs "The CDs bringing together audio contributions on sampling culture from musicians, artists and writers appear on the occasion of a series of exhibitions, from March 1999 until November 2000, in the Projektraum at the Kunstraum Insbruck, entitled 'copy&paste-drag&drop. sampling in art, music and literature'." (laebl info) Feat. F.X. Randomiz, Jan Werner, Voice Crack, Herwig Weiser, Gerwald Rockenschaub, Leif Elggren, Vicki Bennet, Hans Platzgumer, Heinz von Förster, Klaus Sander and many more.
in stock | AT| 2001| m-/vg+| VERLAG WALTHER KÖNIG | 20.00

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