"The Complete Works 1 consist of extensive research and exhibition material of the Shrinking Cities project Phase 1 in English/German/Russian on CD and DVD. CD includes 2000 pages of texts by over 200 authors from the international study since 2002. In this period four local interdisciplinary teams have been commissioned to study and document urban shrinking processes in the urban regions of Detroit (USA), Manchester/Liverpool (Britain), Ivanovo (Russia), and Halle/Leipzig (Germany). Besides of planning issues the research also includes diverse cultural themes like musik, film, literature and live acts of different musicians. Feat. Richard H. Kirk (Volkspalast Berlin 2004 live) and Stefan Weihrauch. DVD includes 12 film features (ca. 2,5 hours, German/English) by artists like Robert Andersen, Benjamin Miguel Hernandez/Chris Turner, Laura Horelli/Kathrin Wildner, Jody Huellmantel/DCDC, Kyong Park, Kelly Parker, Antje Ehmann, Projektbüro Oswalt/1kilo and films Albrecht Schäfer and Clemens von Wedemeyer." (label info)
in stock | 2006| ARCH+ | 15.90

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