special offer, new copy, warehouse find "Reissue of this classic 1997 label sampler from Skam. Previously issued in the US on the Silent and long unavailable. Still packaged in a black jewel case with braille stickering. "Skampler is not only a CD only collection of the most sought after tracks from the first 8 releases from the highly collectable Skam label, but also a fine document of cutting edge British electronica. All of these tracks have been long deleted and this compilation is the only way to now access these tracks without paying out a small fortune to specialist dealers. There are also 3 exclusive tracks included and two mysterious extra tracks that are not named?unique and essential." Artists include: Lego Feet, Boards of Canada, Jega, Bola, Gescom, Freeform." (label info)
in stock | UK| 1997| SKAM | 9.90

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