"Textile Rds presents "Sonic Protest 2008" a compilation created to accompany the sonic protest festival held in Paris last december. Featuring mostly unreleased and rare tracks from bands who appeared at this events. (see tracklisting below) this compilation captures the spirit of this wild and iconoclast festival. This double CD set is in a 7" record sleeve and a silkscreened protection bag. Last copies available." (label info) Feat. BRAINBOMBS, Noël AKCHOTE, REINES D'ANGLETERRE, ALVARO, GOL, LEIF ELGGREN, Joëlle LEANDRE, Charlie O., DIE GOLDENEN ZITRONEN, DIMENSION X, Carl Michael Von Hausswolff, PARENTHETICAL GIRLS vs. DEERHOOF, Claus VAN BEBBER / Michael VORFELD, THE SKULL DEFEKTS, SHIT AND SHINE, Jean-louis COSTES, ICH BIN and many more.
in stock | FR| 2008| TEXTILE | 15.90

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