"Comp. has collected artists, with F.X.Randomiz, Microstoria, Lithops, Mouse on Mars but also C-Schulz & Hajsch, who work on expanding the concept of electronic music and who thereby precisely and easily infiltrate the border genres between pop and avant-garde. Even now, on the CD at hand, a scope can be seen to emerge that stretches from electro-acoustic, concrete music (C-Schulz & Hajsch), via dance music produced with the means and instruments of electroacoustics (Wang Inc.), through dynamic and complex group processes served with great clarity (Microstoria, Dü), hits for another era (F.X.Randomix, Mouse on Mars), desktop improvisations (Scratch Pet Land), all the way to idiosyncratic music that indulges in a happy funky isolationism (Lithops) or subtle reminiscences on Keith Jarrett's Cologne Concert embedded in a hypermodern setting (Vert). All tracks are exclusive." (label info)
in stock | DE| 1999| SONIG | 5.90

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