special offer - STRP is based in the technological area of Eindhoven. Strijp-S, the characteristic industrial inheritance from Philips, forms the cradle of this region. On this spot revolutionary inventions which have had an enormous impact on several art forms, were realized. Electronic music composer Dick Raaijmakers completed the first electronic music album almost 50 years ago at Strijp-S. His work has been remixed or reinterpretated by renown contemporary musicians from different scenes. The result of it has brought out on this cd. 1. Vier Fanfares - Keith Fullerton Whitman 2. The Three Unwanted Alterations of the NatLab Archive - Mouse on Mars 3. Song of the Second Moon - Jason Forrest 4. Night Owls (after "Ballade "Erlkonig") - Phantom Orchard (Zeena Parkins and Ikue Mori) 5. Weinen!! (After 'Ach!Ach!') - David Grubbs 6. Vijf Canons - Yutaka Makino 7. Pianoforte - Thurston Moore 8. Colonel Bogey - Atom TM 9. Song of the Second Moon - Isolée 10.D-R Pelicula Dedicated to Esther Venrooy) - Beautyon 11.Tunes - Kettel and Secede 12. FFT (Tumbling Impulses) - Edwin van der Heide 13. Plumes - Taeji Sawai 14. Night Train Blues - Vert (label info)
in stock | NL| 2006| BASTA | 6.90

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