V.A. - SUPERNOVA 2 (2x10")

"It took us some time to conclude our series of stellar explosions - the so called 'SUPERNOVA' compilation series. Part one has been released in 2001 and after that, we've been working on part two for quite some time - and ran into a series of bad luck combined with unexpected complications. It almost seemed, as everyone included in this project tried their best to sabotage it - be it the pressing plant, artists to work on the cover artwork, you name it. But now, after kinda starting from scratch we finally got it done and we have to admit: the result simply kicks ass!" (label info) One side each by BulBul & Heimo Wallner, Merzbow, Peach Pit and Wolfgang Fuchs.
in stock | AT| 2009| INTERSTELLAR RECORDS | 18.90

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