special offer "With Arse Lunch (from the blue mtns, triple guitar feedback jam), Castings (from sydney/newcastle, releases on Chocolate Monk & American Tapes), Cygnus (heath moerland of sick llama and his bro), Loachfillet, Marco Fusinato, Mark Harwood (synaesthesia records), Misty Lavender Doughnuts Of Shame, Pigs in the Ground, Rahdunes (post Unborn Unicorn band), rlw (ralf wehowsky), Sun of the Seventh Sister (25 piece big band), The Vitamin B12, Werewolf Jerusalem, William de Cunting and xNoBBQx (local harry pussy style drums/gtr - recent album on siltbreeze). in recycled classical covers with attached A3 poster, locked groove at the end of each side." (label info)
in stock | AU| 2008| HEARD WORSE RECORDS | 7.90

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