"A 2-disc compilation of environmental recording / soundscape artists. Plenty of exotic birds and insect choruses, and quite a lot of pieces which sound as if recorded off of a lily pad. A good number of the artists do take digital liberties with their source material, for purposes of composition or accentuation. I am most fond of the purely un-processed tracks, or those which are merely temporal blends. The album can be hit-and-miss, but the overall quality is excellent, and it's a great variety of work. More information should be available at EarthEar." With Jean-Luc Herelle ; Lang Elliot ; Bernie Krause ; Hans Ulrich Werner ; Jonathan Storm ; Kathy Turco ; David Dunn ; Walter Tilgner ; Joel Gordon and Ted Levin ; Sabine Breitsameter ; Jonathan Storm ; Jean Roche ; Hildegard Westerkamp ; David Dunn ; Francisco Lopez ; Lang Elliot ; Jean Roche ; David Lumsdaine ; Jonathan Storm ; Douglas Quin ; Michel Barataud ; Chris Watson ; Ruth Happel" (LABEL INFO)
in stock | US| 1999| m-/m-| EARTH EAR | 12.00

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