"Out of the ashes of World War II, post-war Corporate U.S.A would sully its hands with anything in search of a buck. Heck, even Hillbilly music... Here, for the first time, are 32 of the grimiest, most delicious slabs of Hillbilly misery and mayhem to grace the Columbia Records imprint. From the Rhinestone Noir of Rocky Porter's "The World Is A Monster" and Johnny Bond's "All I Can Do Is Cry" to the proto-feminist declaration of Polly Possum's "Don't Talk To Me About Men" and the proto-punk loser's lament of The Maddox Brothers "Ugly And Slouchy". More tears in your beer than you can count, more kick in your heels than a regiment of cavalry. Deluxe packaging, 20 page full colour booklet with scholarly liner notes, rare photos, posters, original covers, memorabilia etc." (label info)
in stock | AU| 2010| THE OMNI RECORDING CORP. | 16.90

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