"After an 8-year break, WARE Records continues its label compilation series with the new WARENKORB # 6. The CD version is not just mixed, but also autographed, making each and every CD a unique item - plus a free download link for the unmixed tracks! The stylistic variety is as great as ever, addional to typical and uncategorisible WARE-four-to-the-floor Pawas delivers a cinemascopical future-garage-track under his alias Dunck, and Mathias Schaffhäuser continues his excursion in Minimal-Dub-Step in his remix of "This Is For My Dutch Crowd". Also featured: Mr. Statik (Bpitch Control), Markus Güntner, [A]pendics.Shuffle, Ziggy Kinder, Paulice & Onkel Brutalo and Chra (Vienna, Comfort Zone)." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2012| WARE RECORDS | 12.90

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