warehouse find, few new copies back in stock ""Willkommen im Weltraum - Nostalgia for an age yet to come" is a view back to the days when the future sounded best. Spaced out organs, obscure library grooves, astrosonic sounds and early electronica. Ancient science Fiction, the Signs of the Zodiac, psyched-out drum-machines and the first singing computer. With music from Attilio Mineo, Mort Garson, Dorothy B.Carr, the Electrosoniks, Cecil Leuter, the Mindexpanders, Gerhard Narholz Electronic Studio Orchestra, Ma Jinao and many others. Vinyl only, in a beautiful silk-screen cover, limited edition of 1000. Weltraum Disk." (label info) Tracklist: Michael Weisser / Otto Luening / Vladimir Ussachevsky, Mindexpanders, The Zodiac, Roger Roger, The Electrosoniks, Gary Schneider, Ma Jinao, Heinz Heindel, Dorothy B. Carr, Ataraxia, Karl Reger + Odo Warth, Cecil Leuter, Phillippe Besombes, P.Willsher + K. Chesher, Gerhard Narholz Electronic Studio Orchestra and Mort Garson. Highly recommended.
in stock | DE| 2010| WELTRAUM | 17.90

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