"Assembled by 16 year old New Jersey resident Andrew Nosnitsky for Ostian Mele Productions over five years ago, this long-rumored release finally sees the light of day on Tigerbeat6. More valid now than ever before as a testament to what WAS the 'glitch aesthetic', we are presenting a post mortem release of what once was meant to be the most cutting edge conceptual electronic compilation the post infant idm list and its europhile damaged offspring could give birth to. The "Nuggets" comp of idm, all hampered by one teenager's inability to save up enough of his lunch money to press up 500 copies to be divided amongst the artists and to leak out through some hipster idm heads, with the remainder resting snug and untouched in Andrew's parents' attic if he didn't have room to drag them to college to insulate his dorm room." wrongApplogo.bmp, anonymous, no human intervention, farmers manual, pimmon, blitter, anonymous, underwood, famers manual, no human intervention, 6562372, electric company, no human intervention, lesser, suetsu and virat one ballad.
in stock | US| 2001| TIGERBEAT 6 | 4.78

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