"Hausmusik becomes 15 years and therefore of course we need a compilation to celebrate it. It was clear that it could not be a normal label-compilation, so the idea was to bring together what Hausmusik was standing for in the past 15 years: Music, comic-art and poetry. 14 writers made 7 couples and wrote in ping pong style 7 stories. Every story starts with the same sentence "Man kann nicht immer nur ... hören" (you can´t always listen to...). Every story is completely different from style, prediction and mood. The Comic Artists were working with this first sentence too and the bands/musicians worked also together in couples. One band/musician started a track and the partner finalized it. This has nothing to do with remixing or working together in a studio, as the first act gives something raw and unfinished to another one that takes over the song and also takes over the responsibility for it. So the files were send all over this globe and at the end of the day we are very happy that we can say that the result is excellent! In every track you can find the typical sounds of the bands and then you also are surprised to discover something completely different. (label info) Feat. Calexico, Notwist, Deaf Center, Iso68, Ted Milton, Console, Ms John Soda and many, many more. Released in 2006.
in stock | DE| 2006| HAUSMUSIK | 17.90

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