Ellen Fullman, Horatio Vaggione, Fast Forward, Takehisa Kosugi, Mario Verandi, Olga Neuwirth. Ellen Fullman: Transmission Particle 1 for Long String Instrument and Oboe (2001), Ellen Fullman, Long String Instrument; Eliza Slavet, Oboe; Horatio Vaggione: Scir for Kontrabaßflöte and tape (1988), Beate-Gabriela Schmitt, Kontrabaßflöte; Fast Forward: Oji for Tape (2001), Fast Forward / Takehisa Kosugi: Parabola for violin, electronics, steel pan a.o. instruments (1991), Fast Forward, steel pan u.a.; Takehisa Kosugi, violin, electronics; Mario Verandi: Plastic Water for 8 channel tape (2000); Olga Neuwirth: Pallas/Construction for 3 percussionists and Live Electronics (1996), Robyn Schulkowsky, Miquel Bernat, Gerrit Nulens, percussion; Olga Neuwirth, Live Electronics.
in stock | DE| 2002| EDITION RZ | 16.90

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