A special compilation CD for distribution in Japan, Zatsu Ongaku features 22 tracks, 18 of which are exclusive to this release. Following on from "It's Fan Dabo-Dozi!" Zatsu Ongaku introduces some familiar names alongside some new artists V/Vm are working closely with. From blistering noise to sea shanties, from acid house bangers to decrepid Gary Glitter reworkings it can all be found on this disc. The compilation features the following artsists. V/Vm, Solypsis, Electric Company, Gorse, Micropupazzo, Al Duvall, dDamage, Teppop, Cock E.S.P. , Jansky Noise, H>ost, Skandium + Evol dDopa, Toecutter, The Caretaker, Hard Off, Pistol Disco, Fast Lady, Atomic Kitten, Lobster Quadrille and Reginald Dwight.
in stock | JP| 2004| V/VM TEST RECORDS | 10.90

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