"Debut album from Copenhagen maverick composer, musician, poet and former No Knox member Vagn E. Olsson. This dauntless flaneur has since the late seventies worked in his own idiosyncratic and highly personal style, combining elements of crudeness and primitive beauty with swirling riffs and complex rhythm tapestries. For this record LP titled "El Hombre Invisible", Vagn E. Olsson has hand picked a versatile group of musicians from seminal Danish bands such as Sods, Cockpit Music, Düreforsög, The Bleeder Group and Mit Nye Band. Most of the compositions were recorded in a 2003 studio session, and the album was completed in 2007 after lengthy overdub sessions and careful reconsiderations. Drums, prc: Andreas Hauer-Jensen. El-piano, organ, voc, recorder: Jørgen I. Jensen. Guitars, recorder: Peter Peter Schneidermann. Saxophones: Thorsten S. Høeg. Synthesizers, organ, flute, sax, prc, voc: Vagn E. Olsson. All compositions by Vagn E. Olsson. Produced by Andreas Hauer-Jensen and Vagn E. Olsson. Mixed Andreas Hauer-Jensen with assistance of Nis Bysted. Mastered, embellished and cut to vinyl by Goodiepal. Edition of 400 copies." (label info)
in stock | IT| 2013| ESCHO | 19.90

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