Total Can-style audacity from Brooklyn drone stew Edward Goreyian broken house Sufic wanderers the Vanishing Voice. Whatever Kraut or Swede compatriots that may be a part time relation the Vanishing Voice are mining the sound of the naughties in a subterranean part of Brooklyn, as reprehensible as that place might be the beast still roams Gotham and these fuckers got him by the tail. Stone Tablet is a trip to be sure. Mother Mark Ospovat cracks the whip of dogsled Imandi while snarling bad dog Pete Nolan kept a forward propulsion on skins and molten guitar spew. Mad man Steve J Taveniere of local faves Meneguar lent a cool head and a popular sensibility to the proceedings with skills on the acoustic axe to be sure. Non horse Crane, magnetic wizard and DJ let loose his usual bag of hidden charms and H. 'Reality' Diehl, with a voice said to make many a grown man cry, a magik trash harp and the mind of the other, kept us all in the ethereal realm. (label info)
in stock | US| 2007| IMPORTANT RECORDS | 14.90

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